Humanoid Control for Unity v4
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Passer.Humanoid.Pose Class Reference


Humanoid can be put in certain poses, which can be shared between humanoids.

Hand Poses and Facial Expressions are specific poses which use the same implementation. The Humanoid Pose can determine the pose of the whole humanoid.


A humanoid can be set in a specific pose by selecting the pose in the Pose parameter of the Humanoid Control component. While a humanoid is set in a specific pose, it is no longer possible to change the pose of the Humanoid in the scene view. This is only possible in Edit mode or when no pose has been selected.


A new pose can be created in the project window by right-clicking and selecting Create->Humanoid->Pose. This pose will be an empty pose which has no effect on the pose of an humanoid.


A pose can be changed by selecting it as the pose for a humanoid and then entering Edit mode by clicking the button at the right:

Now it is possible to change the pose directly in the scene view by dragging or rotating Targets of the humanoids. Edit mode is exited by clicking the Button at the right again:

Inherits ScriptableObject.

Public Member Functions

virtual float GetConfidence ()
BonePose CheckBone (Bone boneId, bool useSideBones=false)
BonePose GetBone (Bone boneId)
BonePose GetSideBone (SideBone sideBoneId)
BonePose AddBone (Bone _boneId, bool useSideBones=false)
BlendshapePose CheckBlendshape (SkinnedMeshRenderer renderer, int blendshapeId)
BlendshapePose GetBlendshape (SkinnedMeshRenderer renderer, int blendshapeId)
BlendshapePose AddBlendshape (SkinnedMeshRenderer _renderer, int _blendshapeId)
void Cleanup ()
virtual void UpdatePose (HumanoidControl humanoid)
 Update the pose with the current bone positions.
void Show (HumanoidControl humanoid, float value=1)
void Show (HumanoidControl humanoid, Side showSide, float value=1)
void ShowAdditive (HumanoidControl humanoid, Side showSide, float value=1)
void ShowBones (HumanoidControl humanoid, float value)
void ShowBones (HumanoidControl humanoid, Side showSide, float value)
void ShowBonesAdditive (HumanoidControl humanoid, Side showSide, float value)
void ShowBlendshapes (HumanoidControl humanoid, float value)
float GetScore (HumanoidControl humanoid, Side side)

Public Attributes

List< BonePose > bonePoses
 The bones affected by this pose.
List< BlendshapePose > blendshapePoses
 The blendshapes affected by this pose.

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