Humanoid Control for Unity v4
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Meta Quest

Meta Rift and Quest are supported using the UnityXR component. This pages gives additional specific information for using the Meta devices

Unity XR Plugin

Meta devices can be used with both the Oculus and OpenXR plugin for Unity XR. However, it should be mentioned that hand tracking with the Meta Quest is only supported using the Oculus plugin.

Hand Tracking

For hand tracking, make sure the Unity XR plugin is set to Oculus. Hand tracking is currently not supported for OpenXR.

Also, OVR plugin version 1.75.0 or higher is required for hand tracking. The latest OVR plugin version can be installed by importing the latest Oculus Integration package from the Asset Store.

When the platform is Android, an additional option will appear in the inspector

Please make sure that for hand tracking, ‘Use Hands’ is enabled in the Settings of the Meta Quest itself or hand tracking will not work.

Controller Buttons

The buttons of the controller can be accessed using ControllerInput. The buttons are mapped as follows:

Left Controller

Button ControllerInput
X button controller.left.button[0]
Y button controller.left.button[1]
Thumbstick touch controller.left.stickTouch
Thumbstick press controller.left.stickPress
Thumbstick movements controller.left.stickHorizontal & .stickVertical
Index trigger controller.left.trigger1
Hand trigger controller.left.trigger2
Menu button controller.left.option

Right Controller

Button ControllerInput
A button controller.right.button[0]
B button controller.right.button[1]
Thumbstick touch controller.right.stickTouch
Thumbstick press controller.right.stickPress
Thumbstick movements controller.right.stickHorizontal & .stickVertical
Index trigger controller.right.trigger1
Hand trigger controller.right.trigger2